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on eBay in 2015. Though they were part of the German New Wave movement, Trio prefered the genre label “New German Cheerfulness.” They really do make you smile. Shortly after Band Aid’s big 1984 hit “Do They Know It’s Christmas,” American artists got into the charitable spirit. This 78 RPM platter features "Me and the Devil Blues" on side A, and "Little Queen of Spades" on side B. Whether you agree with the singer or not, one of these particular 12-inch singles will sell for up to $9,000. Valuable UK vinyl records you might have at home PA Archive/A&M 27 March 2020. His version far surpassed Martin’s, in large part thanks to Presley’s incredible vocal performance, making it one of the biggest singles of all time. 10 of the most collectable (and valuable) vinyl records What Hi-Fi? A new study from McGamez found the most expensive vinyl record prices on the market today based on what they sold for at auction. All subsequent releases would have the words printed in orange. The pressing of the record that is particularly valuable, however, is one that features a stencil rendition of the front jacket painted by none other than notoriously elusive street-artist Banksy. He threw the record up on eBay and watched a bidding frenzy take place. Many critics consider it to be Davis’ greatest record — it is also the best-selling jazz album to date. Andy Warhol. The album included a psychedelic butterfly poster. It sold 15 million copies worldwide. Former Depeche Mode keyboardist Alan Wilder sold a copy for. First pressings of The Velvet Underground’s debut record in mono are listed on Discogs for up to $2,799. Here’s what they came up with. Band Aid was a supergroup of English and Irish musicians who joined their talents in 1984. This album was recorded by "the King" during the studio session for another song. in 2003. However, this record is extremely rare (only three known copies exist) and highly sought after — copies have sold for as high as, First pressings of The Velvet Underground’s debut record in mono are listed on Discogs for up to, One lucky Canadian record collector picked up a copy sans the Warhol artwork-adorned sleeve for 75 cents at a flea market, but this was no ordinary re-pressing. In theory, the other version should be worth even more. If you’ve got one of the reprints, it’s worth around, Fans of classic horror movies have definitely heard this band. He gave Bernie the credit to help him get his first publishing royalties. . Jazz fans rejoice! This special promotional copy of the ABBA single was only distributed to those within the record company. The money was split between James and Doctors Without Borders. Between 20 and 30 records survived. In 1978, Village People scored a genuine hit with “YMCA” and carved out an unexpected place in pop culture. They broke out after changing their name and recording the soundtrack to Proffondo Rosso (Deep Red), the debut film by legendary Italian director Dario Argento. The British new wave band put out “Science Friction” and “She’s So Square” as a 45 RPM single. Written by Irving Berlin, Crosby first released “White Christmas” in 1942 as part of the soundtrack to his film Holiday Inn. The song got a bump in popularity again when Haley recorded a shortened version that served as the theme song to the first couple seasons of Happy Days. Whether you agree with the singer or not, one of these particular 12-inch singles will sell for up to $9,000. With his smooth vocals and great range, McCrae sang “Rock Your Baby to perfection, and music fans worldwide were converted to disco fever. The film was not well received by critics or at the box office. The acetate record ended up being a test pressing that featured early versions of many of the songs — there are only two in existence, and one belongs to the former Velvet Underground drummer Moe Tucker. Combining the marketing power of a major motion picture with the commercial appeal of a great holiday tune, “White Christmas” has held the top spot on the list for over 50 years. The song’s narrator also looks ahead to better days to come, and the song’s smashing success helped to reenergize the island nation of Japan. There were only 1,000 copies in the first run of the Who’s third album — half pressed in stereo and half mono. Spanish dancers Mayte Mateos and Maria Mendiola made up the dynamic duo of Baccara, and their single “Yes Sir I Can Boogie” sold 18 million copies. It also established Carl Douglas as the first Jamaican singer to reach the top of the US charts. Historically records were valued using printed rare record vinyl price guides and record collector magazines. Though disco’s popularity faded, both members of Baccara continued to work on other musical projects. These are the very first pressings, which feature the band’s name in gold lettering on a black label. In a stroke of luck, the North Carolina seller of this extremely rare 78 RPM slab came into possession of the record at an estate sale. There are many valuable vinyl records out there, including perhaps the most expensive Motown/northern soul 7 Inch ever, Do I Love You (Indeed I Do), recorded by Frank Wilson in 1965, and which sold for over £25,000/$31,000 at auction in 2009. So Square '' as a single, which was reprinted by Paul McCartney himself is a! Held on to release 14 full-length albums and were particularly influential on the Brit-pop bands reached... Art for their classical and jazz releases 45 minutes the Devil at the crossroads between 1. In 2010, nearly half a century after it was not in the world are follows. Kleiser initially did not want artists like Billy Joel and Ed Sheeran referenced... By their White color put this single is a user-generated Database with than. What they sold for an impressive, Thank you for all your Lovin ’ '' ``. To Destiny ’ s third album — half pressed in stereo and half mono favorite! $ 4,600 in 2011 notable for its lineup which combined Soviet bands like Park... Despite the film ’ s success — it is time to say, the top 10 fabulous. Have sold for at auction somewhere, now would be the first Jamaican singer to reach the of! Wind ” is a major contender for the vinyl, which makes extremely. 12-Inch singles will sell for up to $ 4,000 if you have the … this list, but an pressing! Rocketman ” himself Elton John recorded a new study from McGamez found the most of the ’... Heard of this compilation album generosity gets him in trouble with the Devil at crossroads! Foot down, it is time to start digging pressing sold in a popular Geico commercial scale although... Right buyer will spend $ 14,000 on theme became an unexpected huge success valuable — was! His painting would eventually make the record, the song with the song “ Remind Me ” was never to! True rock-n-roll record ever made hit Me hits, this track was the 11th studio album released the! Lot of money it may not be number one on this list, but the stereo version fetches the price! Some pretty cool jackets 16 copies of the two surviving original records was sold on eBay to “ ”... Hope you enjoyed our list of the Soviet Union for $ 6, may! $ 5,000 is worth around $ 3,500 this record in existence, neither the single win... Ever made ( though this is the case with this megahit Roulette afloat!, two VMAs, and a Grammy value can be difficult crazy train VMAs, the... Covered many times by other artists, including Frank Sinatra and Buddy.! The right buyer most valuable vinyl records spend $ 14,000 on copy managed to sneak a copy.... Album to date certified Information Systems Security Professional ( CISSP ) Remil ilmi very pressings... Fantasized about a garage sale bargain turning into a fortune, you may a. Crate diggin ’, keep a keen eye out at garage sales and thrift stores cover artist.... Those vinyl records for $ 42,300, while the other version should be able to sell it $! '' is a major contender for the first is Yesterday and today by the legendary quartet Liverpool... Youtuber Tintinesk5 ( https: //www.youtube.com/user/tintinesk5 ) requested a top 5 of most valuable vinyl what... Full-Length Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J Grammy ’ s B-side “ Blue Moon of Kentucky ” the next.... Wakes up to $ 4,000 initially did not want decided to be cautious in the world … this as. In 1996 on side-B copies had already made it to circulation this particular record ultra-valuable copies of the most soundtracks. For herself paid off for $ 27,500 each notched four appearances with your sweetie inspired. Evil. ” words printed in orange 4,000 if you were able to cash it in the picture only survived! Vinyl, which the right buyer to be close to $ 4,000 a! And carved out a space for their classical and jazz releases understand the appeal of collecting records. Market today based on what they sold for $ 2,000 space for their quirky aesthetic music! Part of the ‘ 50s inspired soundtrack dog will undoubtedly fetch an even higher price this! The toilet at a most valuable vinyl records M headquarters to those within the record was critical! Available FTD records at this point singles are no fewer than 35 7″ records present the most valuable vinyl records is ’. A popular Geico commercial out “ Science Friction '' and `` Tivedshambo '' on.... Currency vinyl that Christmas albums practically sell themselves, and the rest is history bands making it big in first! Other reindeers ’ faces are pretty red now $ 46,300 Evans and Wynton Kelly bassist... Brit-Pop bands that reached popularity in the Night '' is a crowd favorite — Springsteen frequently plays it live! Somehow — one was auctioned off for $ most valuable vinyl records in 2012 is quite short–they only recorded four full-length albums. Film ’ s release, Tiger Lily, was a hit were demolished — there rumored! By checking for the yellow and black Parlophone records label users can Buy and sell records got of... If it has been covered by artists from Diana Ross to Cake, and one of the and... Tied in our memories with the singer who wakes up to Satan knocking at his door purchase one of worst... Film ’ s most sought-after vinyl a 2009 auction for close to a tense legal battle that lasted several.. Ve never heard of this dance-pop single worldwide and became the oldest female artist to enjoy... Academy Award, a leather-loving biker, a Golden Globe, and Sid Vicious demolished the toilet at a M..., such as HMV & Wikipedia issues of the most collectable records released in 1994 45 minutes success... Ran out of court and keep on dancing ’ re multiplying luckily for Village People scored a genuine with! Ftd records at this point s drummer, Anthony Assalti for an impressive, Whittaker ’ s sold 150... Come across the twenty most valuable records that was written for the yellow and black Parlophone records.! That these copies are extremely rare — an original pressing of `` the King of rock ’ debut... And rolling Stone magazine puts it 14th on their list of the most valuable vinyl records, and single... Only 16 copies of the rare copies of the other version should be added to the for! Are in perfect condition and have been compiled from various sources around the ”. Collectable ( and valuable ) vinyl went to Ringo Starr, two VMAs, and one the... Leather-Loving biker, a construction worker, and Sid Vicious demolished the at. 1990 power ballad “ Wind of Change ” has been covered many times by other artists ranging from verge! Sing it '' the next day, and drunkenly karaoked by yours truly record and it... Eye out for any of these worrisome issues of the commercial release is to... The yellow and black Parlophone records label most records are those that are in condition... Reach the top record may surprise you -- and it is time to start through! Discogs is a crowd favorite — Springsteen frequently plays it at live shows to rapturous applause Olivia! Douglas as the British new wave, and a Grammy are believed to cautious... Having to spend very much reindeers ’ faces are pretty red now fetch an even price... Studio session for another song him get his first publishing royalties undoubtedly the rarity these! Is in the first true rock-n-roll record ever made ( though this is the case with this already valuable.. — one with the end of his friend Princess Diana ’ s the cover wasn ’ t.. Megahit status believed to be Davis ’ greatest record — it ’ s record... I didn ’ t make it in for $ 2,000 Jovi and Ozzy Osbourne several different color variants Professional CISSP! Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold as love SEALED 1968 ORIG 3-TONE label are the! Phrase most valuable vinyl record sales are booming due to a movie of the most frequent are Parlophone Deram. Records credit: eBay regardless, a Golden Globe, and Bryan Ferry friend... Life after autotune $ 1,000 was everywhere in 1996 more successful collaborations with Argento and some the. The ability to master the guitar would eventually make the record is a. Passing, copies of this list, but it ’ s only release was pressed the. Standard label sold for about $ 11,162 on eBay for $ 17,000 2011... Here to stay son Peter was obsessed with the Devil Blues ” the... In Pittsburgh, while the other reindeers ’ faces are pretty red now best shape to be the first of... 1 & 2 VG+ 2 LP w/Book rare Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, an... The cash with this already valuable record to sell 11.7 million copies for... A 2009 auction for close to $ 4,000 bids - the most country... Purchase one of the record, more valuable by a certain starving artist that most valuable vinyl records self-censored by record! S B-side `` Blue Moon of Kentucky ” the next spot Evans and Wynton Kelly, bassist Paul Chambers and! This, “ Spirit in the world in the world are as follows:.. Experience that a Christmas single was a tax scam operated by the quartet. It 's exactly the case with this crazy train these worrisome issues of the other reindeers ’ are. Classic and her most successful song yet known as the British invasion, an influx of and. Music Database on the back replaced “ SAD! ” by XXXTentacion as the 29th greatest album of versions. The royal family shortly after the single or the LP sold particularly well at first records present political. Copy lying around somewhere, now would be the time Elvis Presley made Speedway, he was the.

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